PiYo Nutrition Plan Guide for Weight Loss

As a major fan of PiYo, I realized that this program doesn’t just focus on burning fat, building lean muscle, and staying healthy. In fact, PiYo offers a detailed nutrition plan that helps guide me in determining the amount of foods I should have and what TYPES of foods I should have.

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I discovered (with some hard experience) that if I am not feeding my body the right foods, I won’t see an ounce of weight loss. In fact, I will end up feeling crappier, heavier, and much more frustrated than I did before I started.

PiYo nutrition plan, PiYo before and after
yup, doing PiYo and following the nutrition guide closely, I was able to drop from a size 10 to a size 6 in 3 months! I felt confident, more flexible, and just really damn good!!!!

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And if you are just starting out on your health journey, you need to form good habits. You need to feed your body right, because otherwise, you will crash and burn and most likely give up, like I have done many many MANY time before.

So as you can imagine, the PiYo nutrition guide was a God-send, because for the first time ever, I was tracking and planning out my meals days in advance…and (gasp) I was having fun doing it!

Now, I will highlight the steps I took to create a PiYo nutrition guide that was tailored to my needs and weight loss goals. Let’s begin!

Step 0: Tap Into your WHY

PiYo nutrition plan

OK, here is a bit of hard truth: If you are not motivated and committed to losing weight, you will crash and not find a reason to get back up. Every new workout routine and dieting practice is HARD. It’s not going to be easy, especially within the first month. So before you jump headfirst, I want you to take out a piece of paper.

ok, I’ll wait.

You got that paper? and a pen?

you got it now?


Now think about WHY you are committed to eating healthier. Why are you bothering to go through all this trouble. and don’t write down, because “PiYo will help me lose weight” or “get more energy”. Really dig deep. Why do you want to lose weight? Are you doing it for your kids? Do you want to keep up with them and play with them without feeling out of breath? Why do you want to meal plan? Is it because you need your full nutrition so you can stop getting colds? to stop hairloss? to look younger and more beautiful?


Keep that note in front of you, ESPECIALLY when you are about ready to give up. Remember your WHY, and KEEP ON GOING!

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Ok ready to create your personalized PiYo nutrition guide? Let’s do this!

Step 1: Calculate your calorie target for weight loss

Now, enter your current weight in pounds and multiply it by 11 to get your caloric baseline. Add 400 to get your maintenance calories and subtract 600 for your calorie target. This is the target value you will use to proceed to step 2.

Example: My current weight is 150 lbs, making my caloric baseline 150 *11=1,650. Add 400 to get a maintenance calorie of 1,650+400=2,050 and then subtract 600 to get your calorie target of (2,050-600) 1,450 calories.

Piyo nutrition plan

Two important tips

  • If your CALORIE TARGET is less than 1,200, round up to 1,200. Eating less than that for more than a few days simply isn’t healthy or recommended!
  • These numbers are approximate, so don’t be too stressed out about hitting an exact calorie amount. As long as you’re eating healthy foods and staying within 200 calories of your CALORIE TARGET, you should see results in no time.

Step 2: Choose the PiYo Eating plan that fits your calorie target

example: My calorie target is 1,450 calories, which falls in the Plan B meal category. Within this plan, I can have 5 servings of primary vegetables, 2 servings of secondary vegetables and grains, 2 servings of fresh fruit, 5 servings of lean protein, and 4 servings of healthy fats.

PiYo nutrition plan, A

PiYo nutrition plan, B

piyo nutrition plan, calorie target

PiYo nutrition plan ,D

The PiYo eating plan takes a balanced approach, giving you all the energy you need to power through your workouts while still helping you shed pounds. Each plan works out to about 40% CARBS, 35% PROTEIN, and 25% FAT.

Step 3: Choose from a HUGE list of PiYo-approved food

This is by far my most FAVORITE part of the PiYo nutrition plan, because I get to decide WHAT foods I get to eat, and unlike many of my old dieting habits, I actually have a big food list to choose from.

This helps me get the best possible combination of vitamins, minerals, and any other healthy nutrient I can think of. Combine this with the natural benefits of drinking Shakeology daily, and you are well on your way to building more muscle mass, boosting your metabolism, losing weight and KEEPING it off.

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After each food item listed, there will be a measurement, which indicates how much food is needed to be eaten for one serving. For example, one serving from the Primary veggies list is 2 cups of string beans or 10 medium baby carrots.

Even though all the foods listed are good for you, foods higher on the list are generally healthier, so be sure to favor those foods. But, don’t ever be afraid to mix it up. A big variety of foods means a big variety of nutrients.

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PiYo Food list, PiYo nutrition plan

What is listed on the PiYo Food list?

Primary Vegetables

This includes leafy greens and other veggies that should be the centerpiece of any nutritious diet. They’re low in calories, yet dense with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Vegetables are also a rich source of phytonutrients -powerful compounds that give produce its color and give you great health.

Secondary Vegetables and Grains

These veggies and grains are also great sources of fiber, not to mention other nutrients. They’re not always as nutritious as primary veggies, but they’re a good source of protein and they’ll help make your meals feel satisfying.

Fresh Fruit

Another rich source of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, fruit tends to be higher in sugar than veggies. It’s good, healthy sugar, but still, thats why fruit should take a backseat on the PiYo eating plan.

Lean Protein

Protein is comprised of amino acids, your body’s building blocks. That’s why protein is super important. Lean protein can also be a source of other important nutrients, like heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, as well as bone healthy calcium and vitamin D.

Healthy fats

Dietary fat is another important source of energy- and it helps you stay full longer. You may have heard about the controversy over “good” and “bad” fats. This list tries to strike a balance between all those options.

Free Foods

Eat or drink as much as you’d like from this list. Use them to add excitement to your diet.

Step 4: Create a PiYo Meal Plan

Now that you know what meal plan to follow (A, B, C, or D) and the types of foods you can choose from the PiYo food list, now you can plan out meals for the entire week. I like to space out my meals to eat 5 times a day, breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.

Click to download the PiYo Weekly Meal Plan Template

PiYo nutrition plan, weekly meal plan

What is important to note is to not skimp out on your meal plan. Aka, don’t sub out a lean protein for more secondary vegetables, or a healthy fat for a lean protein. You need to keep your meals balanced, so you can ensure you absorb a full variety of nutrients that your body needs to function and survive.

You are not doing yourself a favor if you decide to cut out a food type either; because you will most likely feel weak and be likely to crash and burn hard.


This meal plan, if followed closely, has been PROVEN time and time again to help you lose weight and keep you energized for your PiYo workouts. Seriously, you are going to need all the energy you can get.

What does a sample PiYo Meal Plan look like?

Typically, every meal plan is different and is based on your needs (as determined above), and PiYo is no exception. If we are using Meal Plan A, a sample meal plan for the day would look like the table shown below:

PiYo Meal Plan A

Primary Vegetables= 4 servings, Secondary Vegetables and Grains =2 servings, Fresh Fruit= 2 servings, Lean Protein = 4 servings, and Healthy fats=3 servings,

sample PiYo meal plan, PiYo nutrition guide

Now, you don’t need to eat exactly these combinations of foods, but if you’re not sure how to spread your meals over the course of your day, this is a delicious and balanced way to do it.

Once you have all your entire week planned out with food, make your grocery list, and head out to the store to get your ingredients. In the event you cannot find an ingredient that is on your meal plan, don’t sweat it. Replace it with another food item on the PiYo food list.

zuchinni pasta, piyo meal plan guide
PiYo-approved Creamy Avocado Zuchinni Pasta

This might seem like a lot, and it’s ok to feel this way, especially you are new to the meal planning thing. I know I was, and it’s ok to not make a perfect weekly meal plan on the first shot.

What is most important is that you are taking small steps towards creating a healthier environment for you and your body; you are immediately setting yourself up for success when you make your weekly meal plan, that is well-thought out and chosen from a list of pre-approved PiYo foods.

You cannot go wrong here, and if you need any help or advice, I am here to help!

What are your thoughts about the PiYo nutrition plan guide or about meal planning in general? Comment and share below!

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