7 Reasons to Start an Online Coaching Business

Starting an Online Coaching Business?

If you love to help and encourage others to be the best version of themselves, you should consider starting your own online coaching business, where you can set your own hours, unleash your creativity, and change the lives of others for the better.

What does it mean to be an online coach?

I began my online coaching business with Beachbody, a company with dedicated at-home health and fitness programs and supplements that are proven to help millions of people lose weight and gain back their confidence.

I learned many things when I started being a coach, but the biggest thing I learned was that a BeachBody coach is a mentor and helps others achieve their fitness goals through support and accountability. A coach is the source of motivation and inspiration for others to start or keep pushing through on the road to health.

Notice how there is no mention of super-fit or gym muscles anywhere in the job description. Basically, if you love helping and supporting other people and are just as invested in their well-being as they are, you most probably have what it takes to be a BeachBody coach!

7 Reasons to Start an online coaching business

When I first began my online coaching business, I was most certainly not the pinnacle of health. I never heard of BeachBody, done any of the workouts, or felt crazy about their nutrition shake, Shakeology; plus, I hate working out! Why in the world would I want to be a coach for them?!

I politely turned down the offer, and went about my day; but, I still had a gnawing feeling that urged me to not completely give up the coaching idea. So, I decided to sit down, and wrote down a list, detailing what I wanted in a potential career path, and how much room there was for me to grow and compared it to what BeachBody has to offer.

Ultimately, this list included 7 conditions:

  1. Short, yet effective workouts (less than 45 minutes)
  2. Workouts can be practical and sustainable for many years
  3. Good clean whole-food based supplements that fill in nutrition gaps in my diet
  4. Supplements that are good for my hair health
  5. Business is easy to maintain budget-wise
  6. At most 3 hours every day to effectively run my business since I already have a full-time job too
  7. Ability to be creative and call the shots when it comes to time-management, marketing, and motivating others

So how did BeachBody meet those expectations? Let’s keep reading 🙂

I’m Ready to Start my Online Coaching Business. Let’s Get Started!

BeachBody Workouts: Meets conditions #1 and #2

online coaching businessBeachbody has a great deal of world-class programs, suitable for all workout preferences, from the high-intensity high-energy Insanity to the holistic, calming, low-impact workouts like PiYo. I found PiYo, a Pilates and yoga combination workout created by Chalene Johnson that is safe on my joints, yet gives me the cardio, strength and core training, and added flexibility I need to lose weight and meet my fitness goals.

I know that this is a workout I can sustain and still do even when I am 90 years old. Certainly sounds odd, but I want to always feel good and be able to move around without having to worry about age-related issues.

To read more about what PiYo is, follow this link to read my post!

BeachBody Nutrition Supplement: Meets conditions #3 and #4

online coaching businessI also discovered Shakeology, a nutrition shake that is primarily made up of superfoods, packed with vitamins and minerals to help my body (and hair) get all the daily nutrients its needs. Plus, it’s delicious, so I WANT to drink it.

To read more about what Shakeology is, follow this link to read my post!

Cost to Run your online coaching Business: Meets condition #5

online coaching business

Having never really run my own online coaching business before, it was nice to know that BeachBody and my personal upline coach had step-by-step guides and training on how to approach different aspects of the business, from methods of inviting potential customers to the right talking points to make during a pitch of the product, while keeping the main focus on the customer and their needs, not ours.

To begin your coaching journey, you pay a business starter fee of just $39.95, which includes the coach business kit and a whole plethora of tools and benefits BeachBody has to offer, such as the following:

  • Marketing tools to grow your business
  • Posters, guides, and scripts to help guide you to success step-by-step
  • Team placement with other successful BeachBody coaches
  • 25% discount on all products (from workouts to Shakeology)
  • Customized websites for BeachBody and Shakeology
  • Opportunities to earn Success Club points and increase your earning potential
  • Referral commission of 25% on all products
  • Exclusive sneak-peeks and inside looks into the company
  • Bragging rights

Then after the initial start-up fee, you would only pay $15.95 per month to keep all these services.  Personally, I see this as money well-spent, and technically, (as my coach assured me) I always earn well enough as a coach to cover the monthly expenses as well as my monthly Shakeology orders.

Let’s start my online coaching business!

Expected Time to Run your online coaching Business: Meets condition #6

online coaching business

My current coach (the one who approached me to be a BeachBody coach in the first place!) assured me that running this online coaching business does not mean all my time would be usurped in chasing people or long hours of training.

Instead, she indicated that a good deal of her down-line coaches also have full-time jobs, and have success in their part-time BeachBody work, which is anywhere from 1-4 hours per day, with an earning potential of $100/month to $100,000/month.

Of course, the higher earners are usually full-time BeachBody coaches, but anyone willing to put a bit of effort, while being supported and backed by a strong team, can have a vast earning opportunity!

The Call for Creativity in the BeachBody Business (Meets condition #7)

online coaching business

Creativity can mean many things when you are starting an online coaching business. It can include creative methods for motivating others or fun workout challenges you stand up to get people excited about working with you. Really, this part is left up to you; but don’t worry about feeling lost or overwhelmed! You always have your strong team of coaches behind you to help you out or give you advice!

As someone who loves Photoshop and coming up with new, creative ways to get someone excited about making a change in their daily life,  is what essentially sold me about becoming a coach. I want to help people make a huge change in their life for the better. I want my challengers to feel good about themselves and to be the best they can possibly be.  Because they DESERVE a healthy life and body!

BeachBody met all my 7 conditions! online coaching business

Having dove into the unknowns of running my own online coaching business with Beachbody, I am very happy I did it!

By week 2, I had developed a list of goals, a weekly action plan, a set schedule for working out, and a 2-hour per day work schedule to address business needs, of course with the help of my up-line Diamond coach and assigned success partner ☺ There was very little possibility that I would fail at this.

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It’s not as scary as it looks, and if you are serious about taking charge of your life and start your own online coaching business as a BeachBody coach!