I Tried to Cure a Pinched Nerve (PART 2)| Home Remedies+Exercises & Pillows

Healing a pinched nerve in my neck was definitely not easy, especially since I am determined to try any home remedies, exercises, stretches, and pillows to figure it out! In part one of this video, I explored some targeted exercises for Pinched nerves; In this video, I find the best strategies that worked best for me to heal my pinched nerve at home.



This week, I discovered that yoga was the one thing I was seriously missing from my routine! Yoga has helped me relieve pain from my pinched nerve as well as slowly correct my poor posture so as to prevent future pinched nerve problems.best exercise for pinched nerve

In addition, I started to foam roll to relieve pinched nerve pain every day. Not only does foam rolling help work out kinks in your shoulder and back, but it helps to stretch out your back and spine so you can maintain great posture.

Then, I explored the use of posture reminders for when I work behind my desk during the day. I found several apps that helped bring awareness to my seated posture as well as remind me to straighten back up to avoid future pinched nerve pain.

foam rolling for a pinched nerveFinally, I discovered a fantastic pillow that really helped me to sleep the entire night without waking up in deep pain all the time. I found a buckwheat pillow that adjusts to my sleeping positions (back or side sleeping) and helps keep my entire head aligned with my body, so I don’t wake up misaligned and in pain.

I sincerely hope my journey towards finding a cure has inspired those of you who suffer from pinched nerves and need to find relief. I encourage you to explore what works for you, try different things, and most importantly to NEVER give up! You deserve to feel your very best, so invest in yourself and live your best life!

Have you ever suffered from a pinched nerve? What tactics did you use to find relief?


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