Food and Diet

Ok, when you think of losing weight and getting healthier, I bet you not only think about working out, but also the food and diet aspect. And you would be correct in thinking this way.

food and diet
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Why is Food and Diet such a big deal?

Once upon a time and 20 lbs ago, I struggled with the concept of how food and working out related to one another. I always thought if I ran a few miles every day, I technically earned the right to eat the entire pantry and 3 cupcakes and I would be totally fine.

Well, I quickly learned that calories I burned being active and exercising did not always equal the amount of calories I put into my body from food. In fact, I will go as far to say that even though I ate some good foods, I still thought it was OK to eat cookies and candies because it was below a calorie threshold I placed on myself (i.e. 100 calories snack packs). This method did not work very well for me because I was not losing weight, no matter how long I slaved away on the treadmill.

I learned that food and what you put into your body makes a HUGE difference in your health journey. In fact, one of my favorite phrases is “abs are made in the kitchen”, meaning the foods we choose to eat really do make or break our battle of the bulge. I also began to learn that counting calories were not the end-all-be-all way to lose weight, and that the same amount of calories consumed from more natural places (like fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc.) are better utilized by my body than calories from processed foods (like cookies, candies, enriched white flour, etc.), which often times get stored as fat.

What to Expect

I compiled the best recipes, tips, and meal plans that are proven to help you lose weight AND to provide your body with a plethora of nutrients and vitamins it needs to thrive. I know food can be a tough battle (cravings are the worst, right?), but I hope to guide and show you that not only is healthy food FREAKING delicious, but also plays a vital role in our bodies, from the ingredients label down to the amount of added sugar we consume daily.

If there are any recipes, clean eating tips, or meal plans you would like for me to review, please leave me a comment or contact me and I will get to it.


-x0, Amanda, The Buzzed Coach