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What if there was a way to live your life to the very fullest and meet your personal goals WITHOUT sacrificing your busy schedule.

TUSHY Bidet Attachments - Just $69 & No Plumbing Needed. Easy Setup In 10 Minutes. Shop Now!
TUSHY Bidet Attachments - Just $69 & No Plumbing Needed. Easy Setup In 10 Minutes. Shop Now!

What it really comes down to is letting go of those self-limiting thoughts that bring you down. It's about living a life that is filled with "yes" rather than "no" or "cant's".

Like a lot of you, I have a very busy schedule that is usually JAM-PACKED with work, event planning, family obligations, running a business, and being present with my husband, Ethan.

In the past,  I was doing my best to keep up with my super-crazy, hectic schedule, but I constantly felt I was shoving my needs on the back-burner and putting others first before me. All the stress and anxiety made me feel so uncomfortable in my skin, enough for me to ask out loud, "is this my life?".

So, I made a CHOICE to change and lead a healthier, more purpose-filled life that puts the focus back on my well-being without sacrificing my other priorities. I then made it my duty and commitment to help others just like me find a healthier work-life balance brimming with joy and energy.

And, now, I want to offer that same life choice to you- a real change from the inside out, and all you have to do is follow my lead and trust the process.

I'm ready to join the challenge group!

At this moment, you are standing at the cross-roads between a life you always had and a life you always wanted. This is your golden ticket, your second chance at making a difference for yourself to not only get back in shape and live healthier, but to also find inner peace, joy, and a deeper appreciation for YOU.

A 30 Day online challenge group includes....

  • A fitness program that is suited to your fitness and weight loss goals
  • Recipes and a customized meal plan that targets the right foods for you to eat
  • A fun, supportive, and safe environment for you to share your struggles and get motivation
  • Daily accountability and support
  • Tips and tricks to overcome the daily obstacles in your life
  • Me as your coach to ensure your success

In this group, you will learn how I reached my goals of living a life that is abundant with health and joy, how I got my fiance on board to do this with me, and how to truly set a foundation for health that you can sustain for the rest of your life. We will show each other that despite the odds, we can stay committed to getting healthy and TRUSTING IN THE PROCESS - all you need to do is say "I'm Ready".

Join the Challenge

Transformations from our team!

There really is a beautiful satisfaction to see all the hard work my team-mates did finally pay off with a leaner, toner, and stronger body coupled with feeling absolutely fantastic.

I am happy to report that by doing PiYo, a Pilates-Yoga Beachbody Program, drinking Shakeology every morning, and holding myself accountable to my health goals, I lost a total of 15 lbs and 4 inches from my waist with my first challenge group that ran 90 days. I was shocked because the last time I was that weight, I probably was in Junior High or in pre-school...something like that 😛

90DayTransformation with Shakeology and PiYo, a BeachBody Workout

Here are just several people who have worked their tushes off within these challenge groups and have lost weight and gained a happy, healthier self!

Fergy Transformation, Challenge group

Betsy Transformation, 21 Day Fix Challenge Group

Lindsey transformation, PiYo Challenge Group

Ready to get started?img_5549.jpg

Awesome. Click here and let us know more about you, so we can begin to work out a plan that matches your needs and goals.  We will get back to you within 24 hours.

I know you have the power to change your lifestyle for the better, so let's do this!

-xo Amanda, the Buzzed Coach