Buy Shakeology Cheap Online as a Discount Coach

You may be wondering how you can possibly buy shakeology for cheap online, because for a while, I was in the exact same shoes pondering that same notion. Shakeology has proven its worth for me in many ways, like helping me to lose 20lbs, stay consistent with my diet, completely replace my multi-vitamin, and strengthen my hair and nails; but one look at the initial price for these shakes almost gave me a heart attack. I knew I was all in, so I needed a way to buy this wonderful chocolatey elixir for a cheaper deal online. So, after much searching through Amazon and Google, I found the best answer to saving money lay within Beachbody’s very own campus: becoming a discount coach.

For some reason, the phrase “discount coaching” scares a lot of people, a good deal because it contains the word “coach”, which brings scary visions of selling merchandise and going in over your head.

Well worry not, my friends, because the discount coaching is really not a coaching gig; it’s just a way for anyone to get a discount on all BeachBody products, especially Shakeology, every single month.

Why would I want to be a discount coach?

If you love Shakeology and what’s it done for your body, or you are going into your second month of your challenge and want to save on your Shakeology, signing up as a discount coach is the best bang for your buck, because you can potentially save $27/month.

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How do I save money every month?

Good question! Let’s take a look at what a regular customer would typically pay for their Shakeology, and what a discount coach would pay for their Shakeology every month.

What a Regular Customer Pays

As a regular customer, you would pay the following to get your Shakeology every single month:

  • $129.99 for Shakeology
  • Tax
  • $12.95 Shipping (one-time)

totaling $143/month you pay for Shakeology.

What a Discount Coach Pays

Now a discount coach pays for their Shakeology differently, with a 25% discount on all BeachBody products and a monthly coach fee, which is only $15.95. Now before you freak out about the coach fee, you still save money every month. Here’s how:

  • $97.46 for Shakeology
  • Tax
  • $2.00 Shipping (home direct)
  • $15.95 coach fee

totaling $116/month you pay for Shakeology.

buy shakeology cheap online

See the price difference?

Compared to the $143/month a regular customer pays, a discount coach instead pays only $116/month, giving them savings of $27/month, thanks to the 25% discount and home direct shipping.

Is there any contract or commitment to being a discount coach?


You can cancel being a discount coach at any time, which is a very comforting thought. Contracts and bottom-line commitments can be very icky and feel like a trap. Discount coaching thankfully does not fall under that category; you don’t have to sell anything or do anything besides reap the benefits of saving money every month with Shakeology.

Is there any coach sign-up fee?

Yes, there is a signup fee of $39.95; but depending on whether you purchased a challenge pack previously, you may be eligible to get a refund on the sign up fee.

If you have purchased a challenge pack previously, you can submit this form after signing up to be a discount coach to get a full refund.

Get your refund on your coach sign-up fee if you already purchased a challenge pack

If you haven’t, the price of $39.95 is a small investment for you to save money in the long term, especially for your Shakeology purchases.

In fact, although you will pay the sign-up fee on your first month as a discount coach, you will start to see the savings in month 2 and by month 3, you will have saved the equivalent amount you paid for your sign-up fee.

Check out the table below to see how you save with your Shakeology purchases:

buy shakeology cheap online

Basically, when you hit your 3rd month as a discount coach, you will have saved a cumulative total of -$13+$27+$27 or $41, thereby getting back the sign-up fee you paid for and then some. From month 3 onwards, you have the potential to put more savings back in your pocket.

Try it out. Your Wallet will Thank you

See? Discount coaching is not really all that scary. In fact, it’s a great step in your fitness journey to save money on your Shakeology and any other BeachBody products or fitness programs you wish to try.

The sign-up process is fairly quick and painless, which some simple steps:

  • Step 1: Follow this link:
  • Step 2: Click on “Coach” (middle button on the screen)
  • Step 3: Fill out the form and submit
  • Step 4: You will receive an email notification and access to your coach online office, which both contain your coach ID (If you have purchased a challenge pack before signing up, you can submit this form with your coach ID to get a full refund for the coach sign-up fee of $39.95.)

And that’s that. You will start the see the benefits of the discounts with your next Shakeology/other BeachBody purchases.

Of course, I am always here to help with questions or helping you decide what is the right path for you in terms of discount coaching. Perhaps all the money you save each month can be used for the next BeachBody fitness programs like Hammer & Chisel or Cize.

Comment and share your thoughts! In what ways do you buy Shakeology cheap online? I want to hear your feedback! <3 xoxoxo

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