Beachbody On Demand Review

As I begin to get leaner and wiser in my journey towards health, I have really come to appreciate the workout programs that Beachbody, a health and fitness company, has to offer like PiYo and Shakeology; the workouts are challenging, but easy to follow and in a lot of ways, I feel Chalene Johnson is in my living room pushing me to do one more burpee as I loudly sob like a madwoman. So, when Beachbody announced it’s newest service called Beachbody On Demand, I began to look into it….with some reservations; after all, I am happy with the workout I have now. But then, my mind began to race…What if I start getting bored with my workouts? What if I want to switch things up? Do I really need to lug around these workout DVDs everywhere I go? It’s a bit of a pain if you ask me; so when I heard about Beachbody’s On Demand service, the myriad of workouts in it, including my PiYo workout program, and how I can access it with any device with internet connection, I decided to give it a try. So, for all my peeps thinking about trying this out, here is my Beachbody On Demand Review.

And for giggles, here is a short little video I made describing Beachbody On Demand.

What is BeachBody OnDemand?

BeachBody OnDemand is an online service that provides hundreds of BeachBody world-class workout programs, including P90x, Cize, PiYo, Turbofire, Insanity, and other well-known BeachBody fitness programs and can be used with any device via an internet connection like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

So basically, it’s your way of bringing the gym with you EVERYWHERE you go. What I especially love about using BeachBody OnDemand is the convenience.

Many a time I have forgotten my workout DVDs at home, and for a brief moment, the thought of skipping a workout struck a chord in my heart…you know that feeling? That happy excitement of not having to do a workout that will kick your butt, but terror that such complacency will render you a lazy blob with atrophied muscles.

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But lucky me, I was in an area that had wifi, and I always bring my tablet with me on trips. So, I logged into my onDemand account, loaded up my PiYo workout, and pushed play. 30 sweaty minutes later, I packed up the tablet as a sign of completing my workout. How awesome. A portable gym….now that is a cool use of technology 😉

beachbody on demand review

Does BeachBody OnDemand cost anything?

Yes and No.

BeachBody OnDemand is free for the first 30 days. This was especially great for me, because I am a firm believer of test-driving the car before purchasing it off the model floor. 

When the free trial is over, Beachbody On Demand is $38.87 for 3 months of service (billed on a quarterly basis), which works out to be $12.96/month or $2.99/week. With the unlimited access to hundreds of workouts in the Member Library (about $3,100 value) Beachbody OnDemand is a pretty decent replacement for a gym membership (in the past, I have paid anywhere from $20-30/month). Plus, I do like having a ton of programs to choose so I don’t get too bored with the same workout moves day after day.

And of course, one other comforting thing that put me at ease is knowing I can cancel this service at any time simply by calling customer service before the next month begins. Call me non-commital, but I like knowing I have an out and not contractually obligated into something I don’t want.

Try BeachBody OnDemand for FREE for 30 Days

Is Beachbody On Demand Convenient?

I am a firm believer of trying something before making a judgement call. When I first saw BeachBody OnDemand appear as a service, I thought it was a silly idea. Who would ever think to use this? I have my own workout DVD, so this is just redundant. I finally had the sobering realization when I forgot to pack my PiYo DVDs in my travel bag on the way to a wedding; I got to my hotel, searched for the DVDs, cried out in desperation, and then, in the same breath, realized I can access the same program on my iPad.

All I had to do was open my tablet, type in the search bar for “BeachBody OnDemand”, login, and pick any workout I wanted to try, not just my PiYo workout.

Final Thoughts

Beachbody On Demand is a great option for anyone who loves Beachbody workouts, likes the convenience of not carrying around the DVDs everywhere, and wants access to a ton of free workouts from past Beachbody programs like P90, P90x, T25, Chalene Extreme, and Hip Hop Abs (just to name a few). You might say I felt like a kid at a candy store, but for working out and getting muscles and stuff.

What are your thoughts about BeachBody OnDemand? Interested in trying it out? Share and comment below!

xo- Amanda, The Buzzed Coach

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