My 60 Day Transformation (with Master’s Hammer and Chisel Program)

Some of you may be familiar with my original foray into the fitness world with PiYo almost 9 months ago. During that time, I lost 15lbs and 4″ from my waist. Then, I decided to take my fitness to the next level…with The Master’s Hammer and Chisel program for 60 long scary days.

Little did I know that I would look so amazing and feel so transformed after those 60 days were over! Here is a picture of my “before” and “after” picture before and after using The Master’s Hammer and Chisel program.

When I started the Master’s Hammer and Chisel program a little over 60 days ago, I was very very VERY very very very nervous about using weights. I was afraid I would bust a skull or strain a muscle from poor form. I was afraid I would bulk up and have gorilla shoulders. I was afraid of turning into the incredible She-Hulk.

But, I set aside those fears because I wanted to try something that I was very uncomfortable with. I wanted to try a program that I thought was NOT for me and give it a shot for 60 dedicated days.

Well, I am pleased to report that not only have I gained 1″ in muscle from both my arms, I also toned down my thighs, gained more definition especially around my abdomen and thighs, and increased my strength capacity.

The Masters Hammer and Chisel,
Yay! I no longer have chicken arms!

I feel stronger. I feel toned and defined. I feel leaner, tougher, and not worried that my flab will roll over the top of my work pants. I feel so powerful from conquering that fear. That fear has turned into confidence and awareness that not only do I LOVE using weights, but I understand the wonderful benefits lifting has on my body.

I can burn more fat and raise my metabolism….and not to mention, feel like a damn fine champion after squating with 25 lb dumb-bells (ok ok, maybe not that intense for some of you, but it is for me!).

I want all of you to remember this: every little effort you put on yourself every single day will compound and reward you. I didn’t think I was seeing progress until I was creating this photo and really saw myself side by side.

Masters Hammer and Chisel, shoulders, muscles
Hot damn, where did these come from?!?!

I was astounded. I was so happy to know that my efforts everyday are really paying off. And I have had my share of “failures” during this challenge for sure. I had a cheat day once a week, I drank wine, and I did less reps at times. Hell, I even had to stop to catch my breath! But, even when I thought I failed, I kept going.

And now I am here…lighter, toner, and in the best physical and mental shape of my life!

Do not ever give up.

So what’s next for me?

I am going back to basics- bootcamp basics- with Tony Horton’s newest 60 day military-inspired workout program 22 Minute Hard-Corps, which combines the intensity of boot-camp training that our military undergo to be in fighting shape with weights. I am very excited to start this newest lap in my health journey, and I am always looking for people to join me to learn good fitness practices, to form clean eating habits, and to support one another as we stumble our way through these next 60 days.

If you want to join me for the next 60 days, all you need to do is fill in this brief application and I will contact you soon!

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