The 3-Day Refresh Program (or How to Enjoy a Detox)

yup, you read that title correctly. “…Enjoy a Detox”….word pairs you would NEVER imagine seen thrown together in such a positive light…but it’s true, and here’s why.

Lookie here! I made a video detailing what the 3-Day Refresh is all about:

It all started when I was on my way back from a weekend trip from my dad’s birthday party/family weekend….and if your family is anything like mine is, there is food, food, and …MORE FOOD. It’s everywhere, both good and not so great nutritional goodies. And, I, the pinnacle of self-control indulged in senseless nom-ing, and was sent home with a full belly.


Feeling tired and gross, I finally decided it was high time for a detox…in between chugs of water in an attempt to flush out the slimy film that sugar always loves to leave behind on my tongue. So, when I came home, I planned my detox revenge.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 4.30.23 PM

I zoomed over and purchased the 3-Day Refresh program, not only because I get a pretty sweet 25% discount as a coach (if you want to learn how, message me or read my post about coaching here) but also because I have heard many of my challengers and fellow coaches get amazing weight-loss results AND felt great after the 3 days.

Heck, even the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler uses this program multiple times a year to reset his body and fine-tune the well-oiled machine that are his pecs. If the CEO uses this program regularly…then maybe it is worth a shot.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to try this, and despite past bad memories of detoxes in the past, I looked to the future with hope. This time it will be different….and I am happy to report it was 🙂

What exactly is the 3-Day Refresh program?


The 3-Day Refresh program is a detoxification system that helps you break bad nutritional habits, lose weight, and reset your entire body back to manufacture settings to operate at optimal performance.

What does the 3-Day Refresh program entail?

Every day, for 3 days, you will have 3 shakes, including Shakeology, Fiber Sweep, and Vanilla Fresh, and your choice of a myriad of fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats….and LOTS AND LOTS of water. Your schedule will look something like this:

  • Breakfast: Shakeology + Fruit
  • Optional: 1 cup of herbal tea (no sugar, artificial sweeteners or dairy)
  • Mid-Morning: Fiber Sweep Shake
  • Lunch: Vegetable + Healthy Fat + Fruit + Vanilla Fresh Shake
  • Optional: 1 cup of herbal tea (no sugar, artificial sweeteners or dairy)
  • Mid-Afternoon Snack: Veggie + Healthy Fat
  • Dinner: Choice from 8 dinner menu options + Vanilla Fresh Shake

(Note: all shakes are consumed with filtered water)

And, that’s it.

This may seem like a great deal of effort, because I certainly had my doubts. But, with 3 minutes to plan my meals for the following 3 days AND prepping the night before (5 minutes), I was able to do this 3-Day Refresh thing with ease….like it was so silly how easy it was to do this.


What exactly are the shakes made of?

So, let’s go one by one:


ShakeologyShakeology is a nutrient-dense superfood beverage containing proprietary blends to help you lose weight, curb hunger, stay regular, and have energy. To read more about what Shakeology is, read my post detailing all the good things Shakeology does for your health.

Fiber Sweep

fibersweepComposed of chia, flax, and pysillium husks, this shake is fiber at it’s core, and it sure tastes like it too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not vomit-enducing or anything like that. It’s just….slightly unpleasant in taste…especially with whatever manner of lemony-lime taste it has going on. But, you will definitely get your fiber with this drink.

Vanilla Fresh Shake

VanillafreshThis vanilla shake delivers 20g of plant protein and 22 vitamins and minerals. Not only that, it also helps curb hunger and thanks to the probiotics contained within, the shake promotes digestive and immune health (yay poop!).

Hot tip: Drinking this as is with filtered water tastes fine; BUT, when you add cinnamon and nutmeg to it, your tastebuds will think you are a magician. The vanilla shake will resemble a snickerdoodle ;-P

How did it feel?

I know I am weird for saying this, but I actually really enjoyed doing this detox. Granted, I still missed eating my regular foods and drinking my wine….BUT, this was by far the most enjoyable detox experience I have done.

Other detoxes make me feel hungry ALL THE TIME, and constantly cranky, because–well–I get h’angry.

The 3-Day Refresh had me on the cusp….and whenever the edge of hunger would creep into my belly, it was always time to eat (Thank God!). So, my body was responding very nicely to the schedule and amount of food and shakes I was eating. Plus, I felt good and light. By the end of the 3rd day, I felt energetic, alert, and healthy….and I noticed I lost some inches and pounds too!

I’m ready to do the 3-Day Refresh. Let’s Get Started

Let me walk you through my daily memoirs of the 3-Day Refresh. I also included some videos I made detailing how I felt and the foods I ate during each day of the 3-Day Refresh:

Day 1

Take-Aways from Day 1: The Fiber Sweep is not my favorite, but substantial. I felt light, good, and satiated (not constantly hungry or famished). I did feel lethargic and tired, most probably due to the poor eating choices of a bodacious weekend.

Also, LOVED the dinner choices available. I made vegetable stir fry made with carrots, green beans, garlic, olive oil, and organic vegetable broth (cooking time: 8 minutes)

Day 1 Dinner: Vegetable Stir Fry with carrots, green beans, garlic, olive oil, and vegetable broth

Day 2

Take-Aways from Day 2: I lost 2.5 lbs; I feel light, good, and satisfied; I still feel tired, but not as tired as Day 1.

Food I prepped was delicious and satisfying (pictured below), and my dinner option was stupendous: Tomato Cucumber Salad with parsley, basil, red onion, olive oil, and red wine vinegar.

My prepped breakfast, snack, lunch, and mid-day snack
Day 2 Dinner: Cucumber Tomato Salad with red onion, basil, parsley, olive oil, Himalayan salt, and red wine vinegar (and a touch of Italian seasoning)

Day 3

Take-Aways from Day 3: I lost an additional pound, bringing me to a total of 3.5lbs lost. I feel light, satisfied, and alert. The fatigue and lethargy have diminished, and been replaced with a new type of energy.

Prepped breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, and mid-day snack for Day 3
Day 3 Dinner: Spinach salad with mushrooms, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil (with a touch of Italian seasoning and red wine vinegar)

The Result


After doing the 3-day refresh, in an effort to detox and reset my body in a healthy fashion, I had the following results:

  • I lost a grand total of 4lbs and 1″ from my waist!
  • I felt energetic, light, and just damn good!
  • I felt inclined to drink water more often
  • I felt alert, focused, ready to kick major butt in the morning (yes, without coffee!)

Hot diggity! I’m Ready to begin my 3-Day Refresh Program

So after all is said and done, I would DEFINITELY do this program again, possibly every 3-4 months just to help keep my weight in check, and ensure my body is getting the maintenance and care it needs….plus, 3 days is a good time-frame for me to get re-motivated enough without completely dreading the process. I am all about this program; I cannot speak highly enough about it.

Anyone ever done the 3-Day refresh or want to learn more about this program and how to get started? Please comment below or message me anytime!

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