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You already know the huge health benefits of a positive attitude, but have no idea how to create consistent happiness without plummeting into constant emotional rollercoasters.  You're determined to take back control of your life and are ready to try again. It's GO time.

When it comes to your perspective and mental health, you are...

  • Having trouble staying motivated towards your personal goals
  • Are haunted by negative thoughts and feel trapped by your life
  • Struggling with your motivation because you're not totally in love with yourself
  • Short on Time and often can't fit in long meditation sessions every day

What you need is a push in the right direction

I have the perfect solution for that!

It's called 30 Days of Inspiration, an empowerment series that will send you beautiful motivational messages straight to your Inbox. 

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

You cannot live a positive life with a negative mind...

When your perspective and mindset is surrounded by positivity and encouragement, you feel much more empowered to:

This series isn't just shooting out generic motivational quotes that don't mean anything; Instead 30 Days of Inspiration will show you how to take back control of your life and live with joy and purpose.

Why I Created This Series

Hi there. I'm Amanda Rinaldi.

In case we haven't met, I'm an online accountability coach for the inspiring and purpose-driven women looking to make a difference in their health. I want to open your eyes to your self-worth and help unlock your inner badass.

I've been helping women lose weight and learn how to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves for the past 2 years and there's nothing more exciting than seeing that spark of hope and positivity where there was once frustration and self-deprecation.

It truly drives me.

For many years, I struggled with my self-image. Mentally, I did not see myself as worthy of love and always found ways to put myself down and punish myself for something I was not responsible for.  I had no friends, no healthy way to express myself, and would resort to silently hating my life and my own mental traps.

These experiences taught me an important lesson: I put so much intense pressure on myself based on limiting and distorted beliefs about myself that I victimized myself and allowed unfavorable events and people take over my life.

Mental clarity and positivity cannot be done alone. It's way better when you got a cheerleader on your side!

And I know my series will help you become better aware of your raw power and that life is not about punishment, but about thriving in your decisions.  That is what 30 Days of Inspiration is all about.

I'm Ready Accept Happiness
Melanie C.

The challenge group provides accountability and a greater chance that someone in the group is experiencing the same struggles you are. It’s an open forum that provides support, tips, love, motivation, and a positive outlet as it reminds you that you are not alone in your journey.

Melanie C.

What you get when you join the Groove into Health Challenge

30 Emails Sent to your Inbox Daily!

A total of 30 thoughtfully-crafted messages, ranging from conquering your fears to harnessing your gratitude power will be directly sent to your inbox every single day for thirty days. Each message is laced with stories of my own struggles with these concepts, how I have grown to love and accept myself, and methods you can apply to do the same.

I'm Ready to Love Myself
Marissa C.

I joined a challenge group in the month leading up to my first marathon. While I was already in pretty good shape physically, it was amazing to have the emotional support from a group of people I had never actually met before!

Marissa C.

Ready to Uncover your Best You?

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to achieve a stronger, leaner body you are proud of and keep that way for life!


If you have any questions or concerns about the challenge group, please contact me!


Leila P.

Amanda always has a genuinely positive attitude and is very honest with the people she coaches. I never feel judged, pressured, or like I’m just a customer when I talk to her or join her challenge groups, so her friendly disposition and encouragement make me want to stick with it.

Leila P.


If you have any questions or concerns about the challenge group, please contact me!