Ever wondered what yoga mat thickness you should start with? Here is a good way to figure this out.
When it comes to Yoga mats, you want to make sure you are considering several factors – one of the biggest being the thickness of your mat.

Yoga mats come in primarily 3 types of thicknesses:

  1. travel mats
  2. medium-density
  3. heavy-density

Each type of mat comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Travel Mats (Best for Travel or More Experienced Yogis)

right yoga mat thickness travel mat
Travel Yoga Mat by Clever Yoga

Travel mats are primarily 1-2mm in thickness and is the best mat for more advanced Yogis who really want to feel connected to the ground. These mats are the lightest, weighing 1-2lbs, (making it great for traveling) and provide great traction. The disadvantage with these mats is the thickness; if you have especially sensitive joints, these mats are probably not a great option for you.

A great travel mat to get would be the CleverYoga brand mats. They provide amazing quality mats to help up your yoga game.

best yoga mat thickness medium density mat
Medium-Density Mat by Yoga Accessories

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Medium-Density Mats (The Best of Both Worlds)

Mats that are categorized as “medium-density” have the best of both worlds when it comes to Yoga Mat benefits. Medium density mats are approximately 3mm thick, helping you maintain a great balance, traction, and medium protection to your joints.

An example of a great medium-density mat is the YogaAccessories mat, which can easily be found on Amazon.

right yoga mat thickness high-density mat
High-Density Mat by Youphoria Yoga

High-Density Mats (Best for Beginners)

Mats that are considered high-density mats clock in at 6mm thick, providing you THE BEST protection if you have sensitive knees and elbows. If you are a beginner Yogi, a high density mat would be a great option since it still gives you great traction and joint protection.

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Some disadvantages to these type of mats include some minor difficulty balancing due to the mat thickness and the weight of these mats. High-density mats are usually 5-7lbs, which may not always be super convenient to carry around. But, if you prefer to workout at home, you should be fine with this mat.

OM-YouphoriaYoga provides superb mats that help protect joints and help you maintain proper form during your yoga practice.

Which yoga mat thickness is the right fit for you?

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